Uncover City Secrets

Discover new perspectives on your city by searching the maps others have created- focus on a certain neighborhood to find its unique places, or get a bird’s eye view of the best places in the city for the activities you’re interested in.

Create Personal Maps

Build your own maps based on the things you love to do and share it with your community- or not, your choice. You can map out the places you love, the places you don’t want to forget, and the places you’d rather not try twice. Just customize your map’s name, choose your Mapmoji, and starting creating!

Come Together

Join or create groups to drive action around the things that matter to you. Collaborate with other YouMappers discuss, plan, and create dynamic and informative maps. It could be planning your next ladies’ weekend, mapping out neighborhood service days, or coordinating days of activism.

Go on Quests

Embark on mini-adventures around the
city- discovering new places, seeing temporary
installments, or finding a new local business.
You can go solo, with friends, or join other
YouMappers on a community quest.

Real Time Updates

YouMappers provide real-time updates for what is happening around town right now with time-limited posts. Know what to expect as you navigate the city.

Focus on Local

YouMap supports small, locally-owned businesses. Find those hidden (and hopefully not-so-hidden gems) that make cities unique.